8 Days Simple Itinerary for Your Trip in Vietnam (With Estimated Cost)


Vietnam is an absolute gem of a destination, brimming with vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and mouth-watering cuisine. Imagine cruising through the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay, exploring the bustling streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter, or savoring a steaming bowl of pho in a local eatery. The country's history is as rich as its flavors, with ancient temples, colonial architecture, and remnants of the Vietnam War offering a deep dive into its past. Whether you're lounging on the pristine beaches of Da Nang, trekking through the terraced rice fields of Sapa, or navigating the labyrinthine waterways of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam promises an adventure that’s as diverse as it is unforgettable. So, here's 8 Days Simple Itinerary for Your Trip in Vietnam


 Day 1: Arrival in Hanoi


  • Arrival: Land at Noi Bai International Airport.

  • Transfer: Pre-arranged transport to Hanoi's Old Quarter.

  • Check-in: Hotel check-in and refresh.


  • Old Quarter Exploration:

    • Dong Xuan Market: Explore the bustling market for local snacks and souvenirs.

    • Hoan Kiem Lake: Visit Ngoc Son Temple and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the lake.


  • Water Puppet Show: Experience traditional Vietnamese puppetry.

  • Dinner: Sample local delicacies at a restaurant in the Old Quarter.

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Accommodation (Budget): $20 - $40

  • Meals: $10 - $20

  • Activities: $5 - $10

  • Total: $35 - $70

Day 2: Hanoi City Tour


  • Ho Chi Minh Complex:

    • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: Visit the final resting place of Vietnam's iconic leader.

    • One Pillar Pagoda: Explore the unique Buddhist temple.


  • Temple of Literature: Discover Vietnam's ancient seat of learning.

  • Lunch: Enjoy local cuisine at a nearby restaurant.


  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: Learn about the country's diverse ethnic groups.

  • Dinner: Optional street food tour or restaurant dinner.

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Additional to Day 1.

Day 3: Halong Bay Cruise


  • Transfer to Halong Bay: Travel to Halong City (3.5 hours).

  • Board Cruise: Embark on a luxury cruise through Halong Bay.


  • Cruise Activities:

    • Kayaking: Explore limestone karsts and caves.

    • Swimming: Relax in the emerald waters.


  • Sunset on Deck: Enjoy panoramic views.

  • Dinner: Indulge in a seafood feast onboard.

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Cruise Package (1 night): $100 - $300

  • Total: Including meals and activities.

Day 4: Halong Bay to Hanoi to Hue


  • Cruise Activities: Morning Tai Chi session.

  • Return to Hanoi: Transfer back to the capital.


  • Flight to Hue: Domestic flight to Hue, the ancient imperial capital.


  • Check-in: Hotel accommodation in Hue.

  • Dinner: Taste Hue's royal cuisine.

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Flight: $50 - $100

  • Accommodation (Mid-range): $40 - $80

  • Meals and transport: Additional costs.

Day 5: Hue Cultural Exploration


  • Imperial City: UNESCO-listed complex of palaces and temples.

  • Forbidden Purple City: Explore the imperial residence.


  • Thien Mu Pagoda: Iconic pagoda overlooking the Perfume River.

  • Lunch: Local specialties.


  • Dinner: Sample Hue's famous bun bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup).

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Similar to previous days in terms of expenses.

Day 6: Hoi An Ancient Town


  • Drive to Hoi An: Transfer to Hoi An (3-4 hours).


  • Ancient Town Exploration:

    • Japanese Covered Bridge: Iconic landmark.

    • Assembly Halls: Explore the historic assembly halls.


  • Lantern-lit Night: Experience Hoi An's magical ambiance.

  • Dinner: Riverside dining.

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Accommodation (Mid-range): $40 - $80

  • Meals and activities: Additional costs.

Day 7: My Son Sanctuary and Beach Relaxation


  • My Son Sanctuary: UNESCO World Heritage site of Cham ruins.


  • Beach Time: Relax at An Bang Beach or Cua Dai Beach.

  • Optional Activities: Shopping in Hoi An's tailor shops.


  • Farewell Dinner: Enjoy a final dinner in Hoi An.

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Additional to Hoi An expenses.

Day 8: Departure from Da Nang


  • Leisure Time: Optional activities or last-minute shopping.

  • Transfer to Da Nang: Transfer to Da Nang International Airport.


  • Flight Departure: Departure from Da Nang.

Estimated Daily Cost:

  • Similar to arrival day.

Estimated Total Cost for 8-Day Itinerary:

  • Accommodation: $280 - $560 (Budget to Mid-range)

  • Meals: $200 - $400

  • Transportation (including flights): $150 - $300

  • Activities and Tours: $100 - $400

  • Miscellaneous: $50 - $100 (shopping, tips, etc.)

  • Total: $780 - $1760 per person


  • Costs can vary based on accommodation choices, dining preferences, and optional activities.

  • Domestic flights and cruise packages significantly affect the budget; plan accordingly.

  • Vietnamese Dong (VND) is the local currency; exchange rates apply for cash transactions.

This itinerary offers a diverse range of activities and destinations each day, ensuring you experience the best of Vietnam's cultural heritage, natural beauty, and culinary delights within 8 days. Adjust activities and expenses based on your interests and budget, allowing for a personalized and memorable journey through this captivating Southeast Asian destination. Safe travels!

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